From the Dean’s Desk

We’re small, and we like it that way.
The Academy of Academic Excellence is unlike any other private school in Richmond. We are dedicated to offering a differentiating our curriculum, implementing multiage grouping, and offering enrichment classes to ensure our students meet success in the classroom and beyond.


What is DIFFERENTIATED CURRICULUM? Deliberate adaptation and modification of the curriculum. The Academy achieves this by building its curriculum to be:

  • Accelerated
  • Complex
  • In depth
  • Challenging
  • Creative
  • Conceptual

The Academy differentiated curriculum reaches far beyond that of a standard elementary school. Academy students continually achieve above and beyond the equivalent grade requirements of neighboring public and private schools. Many graduates are tracked into advanced classes and gifted programs once they transfer to other schools.

Why MULTIAGE GROUPING at AAE? Research shows that all students placed in multiage environments will accelerate a minimum of one full academic year. While students are grouped with their same age peers for emotional and social growth, during select times of the day they are grouped by ability level which allows students to be met at their appropriate level of difficulty.

What are AAE’s ENRICHMENT CLASSES? Our students participate in diverse activities such as daily Spanish, weekly student dissertations, Accelerated Reader, Mathbusters, chess club, sports clinics, art lessons, photography, juggling, magic, and Yoga, among others. Innovative programs such as a student-run mini-economy (where students balance checkbooks and shop at our school store) and an Invention Convention successfully introduce the students to concepts and skills typically reserved for older students.

We are proud our school is small; our size allows us the flexibility to create this extraordinary learning environment. We excel at helping children to prosper and build a positive self concept, to recognize and develop their talents and to accept their refinement areas with ease.

Respectfully yours,

Rita T. Busch, Owner & Dean

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