Extended Day Program

Every student wants to stay for Extended Day at the Academy of Academic Excellence – just ask our parents, and they’ll tell you it’s true!

At the end of the school day students go outside (weather permitting) for approximately 30 minutes. Next, there is a snack, followed by homework. Afterward, there is a special activity each day:

Day of the week Activity
Monday Board Game Day
Tuesday Creative Arts Day
Wednesday Wii Day
Thursday Center Day
Friday Movie and Popcorn Day

Any student staying until 5:30 PM or later is guaranteed to have homework finished. Plus, you only pay for the days your child stays. This is why our parents love Extended Day too!

Fees (per day)

Extended Care is $20.00 per day; Monday through Thursday 3:30 -6:00 pm and Fridays 2:30-6:00 pm.

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