The experienced and inspiring faculty of Academy of Academic Excellence creates an effective learning environment for the students. Meet our dynamic staff here:

Rita Busch– Dean/Owner – Administrator, Roving Lead Teacher

Jessica Victoriano– Administrative Dean, Upper Elementary Teacher, Testing Specialist

Whitney Knighton– Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Chloe Fortin – Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, Music Teacher

Señorita Mercedes– Lead Teacher for Lower Elementary & Spanish Instructor for all grades

Jennifer Travers – First Grade Teacher

Erika Napolitano – Upper Elementary, Second Grade Teacher, Assistant Dean of Sustainability

Jennifer Didlake – Art Instructor, Creator of Art Gallery

Dr. Robert Falk – School Psychologist, Wisc IV Administrator

Parent volunteers have agreed to coordinate the following programs/events:

BoxTops- Priti Patil (Aarush)

Book Fair- Akila Arthy (Iniya) and Melody O’Shea (Caroline)

Yearbook- Nimi Patel (Riya) and Artist Jennifer

Scholastic- Ruchi Shrivastava(Aarav)

Website Enhancement/Marketing Analysis- Amida Patel (Kaia P.)

Diwali- Dimple Dalawari (Jeev)

Recycling- Partha Gopalakrishna (Eesha)

Community stakeholders:

The Wilton Company – Hunt Gunter – Lease Manager

Benjamin Salomonsky – accountant for the full 19 years

Mr. Timothy Galvin – architect and designer of our new building at 12345 Gayton Rd.

Mrs. Connie Norwood- interior designer for the Academy of Academic Excellence

Mr. Jamie Hayes – photographer for the Academy for 19 years.

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