Academy of Academic Excellence offers one of the best private Pre-K programs in Henrico and Glen Allen, VA. Our Pre-K classroom is the entrance level into the Academy of Academic Excellence‘s Visual/Spatial classrooms where an introduction of differentiated strategies engage every learner!

Pre-Kindergarten students begin to think their way through abstract problems, work in teams, distinguish wise and unwise decision making and speak another language, Spanish.

Attributes of our Pre-Kindergarten Program focus on academics with a well balanced, well designed curriculum including:

Today’s economy demands not only a high level competence in the traditional academic disciplines but also what might be called 21st Century skills:

Knowing more about the world: Kids are global citizens now, and they must learn to act that way: being sensitive to foreign cultures, conversant in different languages, and a Pre-K social studies curriculum sharing more than US history.

Thinking outside the box: Jobs in the new economy – the ones that won’t get outsourced or automated – put an enormous premium on creative and innovative skills. Pre-K students must also learn to think across disciplines: combinations of design and technology, mathematics and art!

Becoming Smarter about new sources of information: In this age of overflowing information, Pre-Kindergarten children need to rapidly process what’s reliable and what isn’t. It is important that students know how to manage it, interpret it, validate it, and act on it.

Developing Good People Skills: E.Q. (emotional intelligence) is as important as IQ for success today. Pre-K students have to develop superior communication skills, the ability to work in teams, and work with people from different cultures.

The goal of our Pre Kindergarten program is to teach kids to be discerning consumers of information and to research, formulate, and defend their own view. We are proud this starts in our Pre-Kindergarten class!

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