Tuition: $15,300

In addition to the annual tuition, there is a one-time activity fee of $350.00 and an eating out fee of $500.00 for Mondays’ and Fridays’ restaurant menus. The Academy of Academic Excellence Tuition is less than the average private school cost in Virginia.

Extended Care is $20.00 per day; Monday through Thursday 3:30 -6:00 pm and Fridays 2:30-6:00 pm. You pay for daily use in our after school program. No monthly contracts are established.

There are three tuition payment plans from which to choose: payment in full, payment in three installments, or monthly payments. Monthly payments incur a processing fee of two percent (4%).

At the Academy of Academic Excellence, we don’t just enroll students, we enroll families. Individuality is our trademark from the beginning to the end of the admissions process. We are small so we can service you in the style you prefer and our admissions process can be as customized as you wish. We welcome inquiries and applications for children entering Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. We embrace families who would like their children to develop into thought leaders of the 21st century; families who would like their children to build problem-solving strategies, high-level critical thinking skills, and leadership and networking skills within multi-age groupings; families that appreciate and contribute to our Academy of Academic Excellence family.

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